In addition to giving of our time and talents, the Bible also teaches us to give to the Lord out of our treasure. Jesus is not limited by our money, but he likes to use our everyday resources in his eternally-important work.

The Bible teaches us about 2 types of giving: a tithe is ten percent of our income, which we give to the church to support its ongoing pursuits, and to remind us that everything we have is lent to us by our generous God. An offering is anything we give beyond a tithe when we feel led to give by the Holy Spirit, when we want to express gratitude to God, or when we feel compassion for a need.

Thank you for your financial gifts to The Springs. We make all of the following giving channels available. Please use the one you find most helpful.

4 Ways to Give

  • At a Service

    You can give through cash or personal check at any of our services. Just drop your gifts in the buckets as they come around.
  • Text to Give

    You can text THESPRINGSONLINE to 77977, followed by an amount, to give on the go.
  • On the App

    The Springs Church app is set up to accept mobile giving as well, as well as scheduling automatic payments.
  • Online Giving

    You can also give online at our website.